With festival season right around the corner, you would of course need only the best hotel to stay at.

I found Sands Hotel & Spa located in Indian Wells, and it is to die for! It is a perfect combination of Palm Springs and Moroccan vibes.

The entrance is the perfect Palm Springs look for a hotel. Palm trees, cactus, and pink. Can it get any better?

The lobby is filled with crazy black and white patterns, and somehow all together looks insanely beautiful. If you stay here, make sure to snap a picture in here!

The inside of this hotel is absolutely killer, you could pose anywhere and you will get a super cute picture, guaranteed. This hotel just opened this year, and I can already tell that this will be the new trendy place to stay in Palm Springs!

I would definitely look into this hotel if you are looking for an underrated Instagrammable hotel. Plus, who doesn’t want to stay at a hotel that is all pink?

Happy festival season!!!