Living in Southern California, and being so close to the beach is something I have been blessed with my whole life.  I love my home more than anything. I have always been a California girl, and there are some times where I sit back in awe of the live I have been given.

I was down at the beach for a bonfire, and the clouds all turned pink, the water was warm, and life was nothing but bliss. It was the perfect warm summer night. One of my good friends snatched my phone and took a few shots of me, and these are some pictures that I just love so much. If there was a way to capture how perfect the night was, my friend did it perfectly.

I believe that there are times when one has such an outstanding awareness and an appreciation for their surroundings and just for life in general, and this was definitely one of those moments. In those times, I have sparks of euphoria blooming in my heart, and those moments leave a permanent mark in me. The moments can come and go quite fast, but I can always remember that specific ecstatic feeling.

Always try to appreciate your surroundings, whether it may be nature, friends, family, or even just your home environment. Growing an appreciation for these things can truly change your outlook on life!! Appreciate all that you have!